The Age of Doubt: Tracing the Roots of Our Religious Uncertainty

Lane Age of Doubt

“An erudite and highly readable contribution to the complex world of nineteenth-century belief”Victorian Studies

“The charm of The Age of Doubt is that it returns us to [a time] when the absence of God was a new idea”—Michael Miner, The Chicago Reader

“As Christopher Lane argue[s] in The Age of Doubt, the explosion of questioning among Christian thinkers in the Victorian era
transformed the idea of doubt from a sin or lapse to necessary exploration”—Julia Baird, New York Times

Interviews: ABC, NBC News, MSNBC.

Shyness: How Normal Behavior Became a Sickness

Lane Shyness

Winner of the Prescrire Prize for Medical Writing (France, 2010); now in six translations.

“Well-researched”—Elsa Dixler, New York Times Book Review

“Well-written and incendiary”Journal of the History of the Behavioral Sciences

Shyness features the manipulations that promoted social anxiety disorder to a national emergency”—Frederick Crews, New York Review of Books

“Overall, Lane’s scholarly account of this saga ensures that if you’re not already concerned about the over-medicalization of our mental lives, you will be”BBC Focus

Interviews: BBC News, TIME, New York Times, NPR’s All Things Considered.

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